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It’s important to me that anytime someone interacts with my brand that they feel beautiful, understood, and most importantly, that they feel like they’ve gotten to uncover a few more layers of me. 

You may have noticed a few more layers being pulled back and changes going on around here. For the past several months I’ve had a deep longing to want to show you guys my whole heart and not just pieces of it anymore. Hello Beautiful was such a sweet chapter in my life, but as the brand has grown so did my desire to reach more people and share more of who I am and what my heart beats for.

When I slowed down long enough to think about all of the things I embody, I realized that I am a body positive, yoga-loving, self-love enthusiast. I’m your friend rooting for you in the corner. I want you to revel in your rare beauty, befriend your body, make peace with your mind, and connect with your spirit. 

If I can be honest, I went back and forth on whether or not I should expand from Hello Beautiful Makeup. Serving brides on their wedding day has become one of my greatest joys and it’s work that I will continue to do for as long as my brides will have me. But, there’s more to me than helping women look and feel beautiful on one day out of the year. I want you to feel beautiful every moment of every day. 

I’ll still be sharing all of the bridal, beauty, and makeup tips because let’s be honest, there are few things that bring me more joy than being a part of a bride’s day that she’s dreamed about since she was a little girl. But, my corner of the internet got a little bigger as hellobeautifulesthetics.com has transformed into evabrooke.com.

This fire inside of me to share my heart with women is what has shaped the new evabrooke.com. It takes my love for celebrating your natural glow, inside and out, and embodies it in a way that you feel empowered to simply be you.

My love for yoga and inner beauty will also be shining through, and it’s my sincere hope that you learn to fall in love with all of the pieces of you as we grow together in this space.

I’d love to connect with you on Instagram, but while you’re still here, be sure to explore more on how I am now serving my clients with yoga classes or how I’m continuing to release wedding day pressure with bridal makeup services.

Revel in your rare beauty, lovelies.

Eva Brooke

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