Love Your True Self

Every body is beautiful. Every heart is worthy of acceptance. You are so lovely just as you are.

Our thoughts and the words we say create our reality. By intentionally slowing down, seeking healing, living in gratitude, and reveling in our own inner beauty, we step into our true selves.

This is an act of deep courage. Women who are fully themselves are powerful.

Grounded in Gratitude

Your body exists to support you. It is not something you’re working against. Lavish it with love and thankfulness, and come into alignment.

 Whether you’re seeking a safe environment to practice yoga or are looking for natural, refined bridal makeup, I’d love to help.

My beliefs about beauty have shifted and evolved so much over the last few years. I was once very self-conscious and used makeup and fashion to hide my flaws.

About 10 years ago, I began practicing yoga and meditation in my home before falling in love with a local studio. Over time, the connection between my mind, body, and spirit began to click for me. Slowing down allowed me to heal and feel thankful for my beautiful body.

Today I am a yoga teacher and bridal makeup artist for sensual souls who want to feel embodied and free in their skin.

Meet Eva